My Ghost Photos





In 2002 I began to see things, ghosts, shadowmen,orbs etc...    Everyone thought I was crazy, so I grabbed my camera and began to take pics whenever I saw or felt a presence.  These are my pictures....It's been a strange trip






My son Dylan and his cousin Stephen

It began in 2002, We had a family reunion with my husband's mom's side of the family, all of the siblings were together for the first time in 20 years. I could feel a presence around us all day,which I assumed was my husband's deceased mother Phyllis;  the photos I took had unusual rainbows around us, there was no water on my lens and they appeared even in the shade..

Ed's brother Steve and wife Michele





Ed's sister Joanne and her husband Kim

So my husband Ed wasn't convinced the rainbows were his Mom, later that night we were talking about it, and he asked her for a sign that it was really her, the next morning, symbols appeared in our bathroom window and mirror


There was a triangle, a Pentagram, and an infinity symbol


There was also a Pentagram on our mirror directly across from the window, the pentagrams lined up exactly, I ran hot water and steamed up the room so it would photograph better

I was the only one home so no one could have made them

So for weeks to come other symbols appeared in our bathroom window,One  strange symbol appeared  and we found out months later it was a 3rd century chinese symbol for Heaven, which is also weird, I seem to have some kind of reoccuring Chinese theme, I breed and show Pekingese (the sacred dog of China) and I have many exotic animals, I go to exotic animal auctions, I once bought a Teminicks Tragopan Pheasant, a Lady Amhearst Pheasant, a Red Golden Pheasant and some Peacocks, when I got home and looked the birds up, they all came from the same small town in China where the Pekingese breed started, Coincidence?

So that's how it all started, shortly after the window, the faces started appearing in our mirror